hol3health: What does Self-Care Mean to Us?

By: Charlotte Miller

For me, self-care is taking a hot shower before bed. Self-care is taking a mental health day when life seems overwhelming and I need a break. Self-care is being diligent about my skincare routine every night. 

Self-care takes many forms and it is really dependent on what works best for the individual. Going on a run to clear my head is one of my favorite ways I care for my mind and body. That run might be the OPPOSITE of self-care for someone else. It 100 percent is up to you because you know yourself best! 

Performative Self-care

Recently, the ‘#selfcare’ trend has become a frequent flyer on Instagram and Snapchat. It has almost earned a permanent spot on my feed with celebrities and ordinary users using the hashtag for a multitude of reasons, some of which are dangerous. The self-care movement on social media platforms is an opportunity for people to promote the importance of taking care of your mind and body. This is dangerous when people use it to promote certain brands or products or do it solely for the purpose of posting something that aligns with the #selfcare trend.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love a self-care Sunday post as much as the next person, but this can be problematic when there is minimal ‘self-care’ involved. 

Self-care should not be something to attempt to do, just to post about it. Taking care of your mind and body should be habitual. It should be something that is consistently practiced and prioritized in life. You should do it because it is good for you, not because #selfcare is trending on social media at the moment. Some of the most healing and comforting self-care is not ‘postable’ and that is okay.  

Now that you know our stance, What does self-care mean to you?  

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