Relaxation Routine: Tips and Tricks

By: Julia Gagulska To say the least, life can be stressful. We are all working hard at something whether that be full-time school, work, raising a family, or any other responsibility that demands attention. Whatever that something may be to you, utter focus and prolonged worry can become overwhelming, and sometimes discouraging. Speaking from personalContinue reading “Relaxation Routine: Tips and Tricks”

Red Winter Salad

Julia Gagulska  Serves: 8  Prep time: 20 minutes  As winter approaches along with its associated holidays, families gather around the table to celebrate, spend time together, and most importantly, eat! Often, my family spends most of their time creating a delectable main course and needs a side dish that is delicious, yet quick and easy.Continue reading “Red Winter Salad”

Almost Veggie Cream Cheese

By: Julia Gagulska Serves: 4  Prep time: 10-15 minutes  A bagel with cream cheese is a delicious, classic breakfast to start the day. However, a healthy alternative to cream cheese, coined “farmer’s cheese,” brightened with your favorite veggies, can make it all the better. Paired with sourdough bread, this is my family’s favorite breakfast treat!Continue reading “Almost Veggie Cream Cheese”