Study Smarter Not Harder  

Ahh, finals season. The last home stretch before four glorious weeks of relaxation, holiday cheer and new years resolutions. If you are anything like me, this time of year creeps up suspiciously quick and I often find myself in the library running on 4 cups of coffee and a bodo’s bagel wondering how to study for what seems like 8 exams in 8 days. This time of year can be especially hard because we are bouncing back from Thanksgiving break, wrapping up all of our loose ends of the semester, studying for finals, shopping for holiday gifts – need I go on? If you too find yourself procrastinating or stressing over everything you have to do then keep reading. Here are 5 simple tips to help you study smarter, not harder, this finals season.

7 Important Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Mental Health  

Recently, the discussion of mental health has been on the forefront of the media. Whether it be Tik Tok trends highlighting self care practices, podcasts with experts explaining brain chemicals or media stories with celebrities discussing their own mental health, we are starting to see huge strides in the de-stigmatization of mental illness. Finally, the importance of treating your mental health as you would your physical health is being accepted and appreciated. Not only is it becoming less taboo to talk openly about mental health, therapy, etc. but it is also an issue that everyone is seemingly on board with. 

How to Break Up With Your Phone

Have you ever considered what your life would be like without your phone? No texting, no emailing, no Tweeting, Instagramming, or Snapchatting. No Tik Tok, Spotify or Uber. No camera, alarm clock, calculator, notes, fitness tracker, daily weather forecast, or Googling the actress’ name from that one movie you can never remember. Many Gen Zers would find this scenario a nightmare, but what if I told you that life with less screen time could make you more productive, more connected and overall happier?

The Science Behind Alcohol & Hangovers

Anyone who’s ever shamelessly polished off one too many glasses of wine, mixed drinks, beers, shots, or all of the above, is familiar with the gut wrenching malady and deep sense of regret that so kindly ensue after a night of drinking. But what is alcohol doing to our bodies that induces such a disgusting feeling and why is there no cure for a hangover? Lucky for you, I have some answers to these questions, and tips on how to bounce back after a big night out (or shall we say big night in thanks to COVID).

Sleep: Why it is So Important and Tips to Get the Best Night’s Rest

If you are anything like me, you know what it is like to snooze your alarm clock several times before actually getting up, swearing that those five extra minutes make you feel a little more rested. Despite this, no matter how many extra minutes you squeeze in, you still feel groggy, irritable and overall just not yourself; this, my friends, is called not getting enough sleep. Whether you were up all night scrolling mindlessly through social media apps or binge watching the new buzzworthy TV series (The Flight Attendant is great, just saying), we must remember that getting ample, quality sleep is vital for good health and allows our bodies and minds to recharge, recover and prepare for the next day.

Meditation: A Guide for Beginners

Let’s be real: With everything going on in the world right now, we could all probably use a little stress relief. Lucky for us, meditation is a powerful practice that can be utilized anywhere, by anyone, and can help you control stress, decrease anxiety and lead to an overall sense of relaxation. In the last couple of years, meditation has become a buzz word in the health and wellness space, leading many people to ask questions such as: Why meditate? How do you mediate?

Women, Weightlifting and the Fear of Being Bulky

Until a few years ago, I avoided strength training in the gym and did strictly cardio -convinced that I wasn’t getting in a good workout unless I spent hours on a treadmill. While cardio has its own benefits -including an increase in cardiovascular health (Agarwal, 2012) – I quickly learned that strength training is just as important for any well-balanced workout routine. Incorporating just 3 days of strength training into my weekly workout routine allowed me to see noticeable changes in not just my body, but my performance as well (hello, pushups)!