What is “Mask-ne?”-Skincare in 2021

Masks have become a new staple in our everyday lives this past year – we now grab one before we go anywhere, along with our keys, wallet, and phone. Even now as Covid-19 vaccines become widely available to the general public, masks will certainly outlast the pandemic. Wearing a mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has been pivotal throughout this period of time, due to the mask’s ability to keep potentially viral respiratory droplets contained. Still, over the past year there’s been a negative secondary effect of wearing masks that some have experienced involving face acne, known as “mask-ne”.

It’s Time to Get Uncomfortable

The middle mark of summer has passed which means it’s time to reflect on these past few months. We have new opportunities ahead of us – some of us know what our next move is, while some of us may still have no clue – and that is okay. Some of you reading this may already have jobs and careers. We may all be in different places in our lives, but we do share one commonality: an understanding that our willingness to step outside of our comfort zones is critical to our future success. I’m sure we have all heard of this term, but what exactly does it mean, and why are so many people willing to stay within this so-called “zone”?

The Overheating Problem Plaguing our Earth

By: Michelle Kaminski Climate change is a major public health issue that has been overlooked the past four years by our previous administration. When the general public thinks of the word “climate change,” many people associate it with the increasing threat of global warming. The aforementioned environmental consequence of climate change is categorized by extremeContinue reading “The Overheating Problem Plaguing our Earth”

The Benefits of Oil Pulling

As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day avoiding my growing to-do list, I noticed Vogue had just posted a video featuring Hollywood’s most sought after, celebrity crush: Gwyneth Paltrow. I obviously clicked the link to watch the full video. Would I finally have insider info on how Paltrow looks like she hasn’t aged since she filmed Shakespeare in Love? I had to know. Long story short, I didn’t figure it out – I mean it’s probably a lot of botox and luck-of-the-draw genetics – but I wasn’t entirely unsuccessful. I learned that Paltrow views her oral health and skincare routine of equal importance; in fact, every morning, before she starts her day, Paltrow does something called oil pulling, an “ancient ayurvedic therapy” known to promote oral hygiene.

Cold Therapy – Cold Showers may be more beneficial than you think

We’ve all probably heard of the Polar Plunge – an event held every year during the peak of winter where hundreds of participants run into the freezing cold ocean as a way to raise money. Sounds insane right, or at the very least, sounds extremely uncomfortable. While this event only happens once a year, incorporating this type of cold immersion can be beneficial to your overall health everyday. Today, “cold therapy” is a term used to describe how submerging yourself in cold water can work wonders on healing our bodies and improving our well-being.

Let’s Talk About Gluten

By: Charlotte Miller Why is everyone talking about gluten so much lately? What even is gluten? And should you really be ‘going gluten free?’ Recently, gluten has garnered a negative connotation and subsequently a bad reputation, leading more and more people to be taking up a gluten free lifestyle. To understand this latest health fad,Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Gluten”

Balance Series Blog#4- Ways to balance your vaginal pH and the signs of imbalances

Ahh back again with another “balance” post … in the balance series so far, we’ve covered balance in our work/social lives, workout routines, and our nutritional habits. Just as it is important to have balance in these aspects of your life, there is also balance that must be achieved within your physical body. Your body works hard to maintain a balanced internal state. In biology there is a term to describe this type of balance – homeostasis, it is a state of equilibrium or balance between interdependent elements within your body. Part of this balance includes maintaining the right pH levels. Now, it’s 2021 and it’s time to talk about our vaginas. Vaginal health should be made just as aware as any other health aspect – whether it be gut, skin, heart, etc. Talking with friends and other women, I’ve realized that a lot of us do not have an awareness of what our vaginas are trying to signal to us or what certain signs may mean for our health.

Are you breathing wrong? And, what does that even mean?

“You can eat all the right foods, follow the best diet, and workout out every day, but if you aren’t breathing correctly you will never be healthy”. These were the words spoken by James Nestor, science journalist and author of New York Times Best Seller book Breath. If this statement sounds crazy, that’s because it is. Breathing.. seems simple, right? I mean, we do it every day without even thinking – it’s involuntary, an unconscious action. But the issue is just that: we aren’t thinking about it, when actually, we should be mindful about how we are breathing. Breathing is essential not only to stay alive, but also plays a key role in our overall health, essentially influencing every function of our body.