Why hol3health?

Our Mission

In the era of social media, we are simultaneously blessed by access to more information than we could have ever imagined, and challenged by the side effects of increased feelings of anxiety, stress, and isolation. Faced with the oversaturated and hyper-commercialized “health & wellness” content market found online, it is hard to find a research-based source for reputable information and advice. Our mission is to translate our passion for food and fitness to empower women to have a positive relationship with their overall well-being. We are a community of women who are determined to transform the way people think about physical and mental health by creating a platform that approaches it holistically.

What does our name mean?

“hol” stands for holistic, which includes “3” dimensions of health: physical, mental, and social


“Loss of gut microbial diversity in industrial populations is suspected to play a role in the development of chronic disease.”

-Aleksandar Kostic, Assistant Professor of Microbiology at Harvard Medical School

“Comparing a group of about 200 women who were medicated for sleep problems with over 400 women who had sleeping problems but did not take medication, researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that sleep meds don’t seem to be beneficial for long-term use.”

-Serena McNiff, U.S. News

PTSD affects 9% of women after childbirth, according to Postpartum Support International — in other words, about 1 in 11 new moms”

-Rheana Murray, NBC News

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